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Are you looking for volunteer hours? Want to be a part of an amazing event? 

We are looking for you! 

Ride Marshal
Ride marshals help get riders prepared to launch! Working with the Starter, they put groups of riders together to ensure a safe and successful ride!

Welcome & Parking
Our Welcome and Parking volunteers welcome riders to the event, and direct them to the correct parking areas.

Refreshment Station Volunteer
These volunteers staff the refreshment stations that are on the ride route and make sure riders stay properly hydrated and fed!

Setup volunteers help us early in the morning of the event by setting up the site, the registration areas, parking areas, etc. They make sure signs, tables and food are all in the right place so that riders have a great ride experience. 

Our teardown volunteers help us at the end of the ride, to make sure all riders have returned safely, to pack up booths, tables and other event collateral, and do a quick sweep of the site to leave it clear.

If you require more information about volunteer opportunities, please email

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