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Greg's Cycle for Kids

Greg's Cycle for Kids

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Close your eyes.


Can you see your first bike? Yes, you can. We all can.


We remember how it made us feel, how learning to ride felt like magic – and how our bike became the gift that brought us to new heights and new places opening a world of opportunity. As we got older our bikes took us to school, allowed us to access our neighborhoods and our communities in new ways. Our bikes brought us to baseball practice, swimming lessons, rides to the beach with friends – and to our first summer job.


For so many of us riding a bike and owning a bike were rites of passage. Sadly, today, there are many kids who don’t have access to a bike because their parents can’t afford one. With so many priorities demanding attention, the dream of owning and riding a bike is simply out of reach to many kids.


Until now.


Greg’s Cycle for Kids gives each of us a powerful opportunity to make a game-changing difference in the life of a child by giving them the gift of freedom, independence and healthy habits for life. Because that’s what bikes do.


Proceeds from the event will be used to purchase bikes, helmets, locks and to provide cycling instruction for kids in priority neighborhoods, through a partnership with BGC Hamilton-Halton. Bike racks for the Club will also be installed. Partners in law enforcement will assist with cycling instruction. Lessons will be hosted on-site at the Club.


The Share the Road Cycling Coalition is proud to host Greg’s Cycle for Kids in memory of OPP Sergeant Greg Stobbart killed while on a training ride on his bike in 2006. The Coalition was founded in Greg’s memory – and has held this memorial Ride every year to support their work: creating bicycle friendly communities with partners and community leaders, passing road safety legislation and working to make our roads safer. Proceeds from this year’s event will also support Share the Road’s work.


Join us at Greg’s Cycle for Kids and help us make the dream of owning a bike a reality for children in Halton Region and Hamilton.

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